Member Testimonials

Glass City is the place to be for Basketball skills! The staff is amazing! So proud of my son Ashton! I feel he learned his skills from the right people and it was a blessing that he did not make the school travel teams earlier..... Glass City taught him way more than any parents could! He has worked so hard at Glass City Athletics...... and his work and dedication paid off! He made the Anthony Wayne Generals 7th grade Basketball team! We are Over the moon with excitement! Thanks Glass City Athletics Staff for making him a  even better Basketball Player!!!!!! Sincerely, Shannon Bostelman

Hi Dana, After FOUR grueling days of tryouts, Eyan made the team!  42 guys tried out, so there were a lot of cuts. Thanks to you and your coaches!  I have no doubt that his sessions last week helped him to get back into the swing of basketball in preparation for tryouts. It looks like they will have practices every day x2 hrs after school, and also on Saturdays.  I will let you know when we can fit in some regular training time at the Paragon. Thanks again, Mike

My husband was in the Air Force for ten years.  In that time we lived in 8 different states.  With four children, all having been involved in multiple kinds of youth sports programs all over this country, I'm so glad we've found Glass City Athletics.  After attending my first volleyball parent meeting, I can honestly say I have never felt better about a youth sports organization.  They gave us honest answers and made me feel that they were here for one purpose and one purpose only, to help our children grow and improve in volleyball.  I have never dropped my children off feeling better than I did yesterday.  Thank you so much for putting the focus back on skill improvement and sport enjoyment in youth athletics! Tara Wilson

Dana, Just wanted to tell you, and I am sure you know what a great group of people you have on that 14U team that Ali is on.  Coach Stu is awesome, we have a great time as parents.  Yes, winning helps, but they are just such a tight group I honestly don't think that would matter.  I think they are winning because of that.  Love Coach Stu, love his intensity, love how hard he pushes them. And they are all getting so much better. Club should be proud of this group and I am sure you are. Congrats, Mike Denman

Dana,  My daughter played last winter for Kyle Borer’s NW 12 White team. I wanted to pass along our thanks. I had planned to send a note right after and time just flew by, so this is very, very late. Ella has been attending our school volleyball open gyms/camp and has come home every day excited, proud, and smiling. That is because she went in with some fundamentals and has developed a true love for the game.  She is able to build on what she learned, is getting praise, and feels ahead rather than behind. As a parent it feels so good to see her confidence, which she didn’t have before GC. Basically, her recent experiences have validated even more so what an impact the season had. The experience she had last winter with GC was amazing and the skills she picked up in such a short time exceeded our expectations. She was so fortunate to have Coach Kyle. He is hands down the best coach she has ever had in anything. Thank you for spending so much time talking through her situation, your programs, and answering questions. I asked you ‘a lot’ of them. At the time, I really didn’t know if it would be worth the driving from Archbold.  Anyway, the NW program was a great fit for us and we’ll definitely try to do something with Glass City again for the winter. Your programs are top notch – and definitely worth the drive. - Sincerely, Nichole Bowman

Hello - Trena's time with the Fury has flown by. With Hoops Group, practices, fundamental skills training, and tournaments she has had so much fun learning and playing. Thank you so much opening up all of these opportunities it has been fantastic and she has done her best to work hard and learn all she can from all of your amazing coaches. So grateful for all you do for these children and the positive coaching she is learning so much more than just basketball. Thank you!! -Trena Wiseman

Hi Dana! I wanted to take a minute and let you know how much my daughter is enjoying her team and coach, KJ Abair. She and her friends think he is the best. When I watch from the sidelines he is continuously giving them positive instruction. My daughter has never had such a good reception with a coach before. He is great with them and I have had two TVC parents comment on his positive coaching while we were playing their team. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that. So often people focus on what's going wrong and I wanted to put some focus on what is going right! I told him this myself last night, as I know a few other parents have too. Thank you! - Jennifer Harmon

Good Morning, I hope everyone is well and had an enjoyable holiday season. I just wanted to send you all a quick update on Harriet. As some of you know, Harriet attended a volleyball tryout in Philly the first weekend in December.  The tryout was for the Juniors Team (high school age girls) for the 20th Maccabi Games in Israel summer 2017.  The games are held once every 4 years, always the summer after the Summer Olympics.  The games are sometimes called the "Jewish Olympics" as you have to be Jewish to compete. There were 2 tryout locations: Philly and California.  A total of over 70 girls tried out for the team.  The tryout was a 2 day event.  Several coaches from New York, Philly and California came to the tryouts to evaluate the girls.  Quite honestly, they beat the crap out of the girls for 2 days.  I personally think that the hardest part of the tryout was that parents were allowed to watch! Nevertheless, Harriet performed quite well and I was just proud of her for attending and surviving the tryout.  

We were notified Christmas week that 12 girls were chosen for the team and Harriet was the DS alternate. We received an email on Tuesday that 2 teams of 2 girls will be going for the Beach Volleyball competitions.  Harriet is one of the girls selected to compete on the beach team.

The trip is a 3 week trip, the athletes will practice for one week at the competition locations, sight see, etc... followed by 2 weeks of competition.  The athletes will be gone the last week of June and the first 2 weeks of July. As the saying goes "it takes a village..."  and so on behalf of Harriet and our family we would like to say THANK YOU to all of you!

Thank you Dana: for having a beautiful facility to practice in; for having top notch coaches; for your love of volleyball and conveying that to all players and coaches! 

Thank you Mike:  for taking a chance on Harriet and giving her a place on the freshman team at Southview even though she had a broken leg! 

Thank you Eric: for working Harriet through her recovery period and bringing her back to volleyball life!  Harriet's last lesson before the tryout was absolutely horrible, but your words to her in the end "remember to just have fun at the tryout in Philly" really resonated.  Harriet went into the tryout ready to just have fun and play the sport she loves.

Thank you Lyndsey:  for your commitment and support to the 15-1 team.  I know that Harriet is looking forward to a great season! -Kate Theise 

My daughter is in your camp this week and is having so much fun and learning so much. So first a great big thank you to Glass City and all of the wonderful coaches we are so appreciative of all of the time and help they are giving her and all of the campers. I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about the coaches and time spent at your camp. Thank you for the opportunity to attend. It is truly a gift for Coach Hopson and Coach Bradford, as well as the other coaches, to share their time and talents! Thank you!!! Trena Wiseman

The Holiday camp with Glass City and Dennis Hopnson was the best skills camp my son has been to. -Gary Hemry 

Hi Dana, Just wanted to say how much we love having the family membership to Glass City. It is wonderful to be able to have gym time to practice volleyball with our daughter not only because we are able to improve her skills but also allowing us to spend time with her doing something she loves. We really appreciate the extra effort you put into making sure this is a great experience for us. Thanks! -Wayne Martin

Glass City provides an excellent volleyball and basketball experience. I have been very impressed with the high level of service we have received. The growth in skills we have seen with kids in Glass City's programs has exceeded my expectations. I'm looking forward to another great year at Glass City! - Jim Nowaczyk

I love the annual facility membership I have through Glass City. My daughter wants to keep up with her volleyball skills all year long, and we now have the ability to do that at Glass City Athletics. In this Northwest climate, it is a terrific option, at a very reasonable cost. Also, Dana has been so wonderful and accommodating whenever we schedule the court, which is often. What a great idea!!! - Jeannie Padgett

Hi Dana, Just wanted to say how much we are impressed with Glass City. I am a parent of two volleyball players and a high school coach. It is wonderful to be able to refer my high school players and my daughters to a family-flexible program. In the past I have been a part of programs that are not as flexible with school sports and the flexibility needed for families. Thanks for all you do! - Jennifer Leach

Hi Dana, I just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed having Mike Sebring as a coach for our daughter’s team. We have known Mike and his wife, Kerry for a few years, so both as parents with a daughter on the same team and then as a coach. Mike not only has the skills it takes to be a good coach but a unique understanding of how to motivate girls to perform at a higher level. Mike even goes beyond court time! A lot of coaches would only be there for their girls on the court but Mike also organizes many get-togethers to promote team bonding. He even has the girls put their phones in a basket until after the get-together, to make sure their attention is where it should be! Supporting local college volleyball and encouraging the girls to go to games he attends is just another “above and beyond” caring way that has amazed us. Because he goes “above and beyond the court”, I think anyone that is fortunate enough to play on his team will not only excel as a volleyball player but will also learn there is more to volleyball then just winning! - Dave & Pam Mills

Hi Dana, I hope all is going well with Volleyball at Glass City and you are having a successful year! It has been a very big change for us to not have volleyball in our lives. We have such wonderful memories of all the games and traveling with the many teams the girls were on over the years. I don't know if you realized but both Lydia and Grace's first roommates in college were girls they met while playing volleyball at Glass City. Lydia lived with Jenna McClure in the dorms the first year and has continued to live with Jenna in an apartment. Grace is currently living with Caroline Kelley. So thank you for providing such a great environment for our girls to meet lifelong friends! -Lillie Winckowski

We wanted to take a minute to thank you for a great club volleyball season last year. It was our first season with Glass City and we were very impressed with the facilities and the entire staff. We moved to Glass City after several disappointing seasons with another local club and we could not be happier with the results. We are excited to be a part of the club again this year. I particularly wanted to thank Coach Tony Geer for an amazing season. Coach Tony did a great job developing the 16-1 team and the results were amazing. The Glass City 16-1 team won more tournaments last season than our previous club won in 4 years combined. We are looking forward to another great year. Thanks - Mike & Shannon Hale

Afternoon Tandy, I just wanted to take a moment on behalf of my husband and I to thank you for coaching the 7th grade Fury team this year and doing such a wonderful job with them as players and individuals. We were so happy with our experience at Glass City and watching the growth that occurred in the girls as individuals and the team as a whole. Your commitment to the girls and the sport itself is greatly appreciated and recognized. Thank you for doing all you do for the girls and the community as a whole. We are looking forward to another great experience next year. Best regards, Kim Featherstun