Fury Grade 8 Girls – Black Team

Coach: Jerry Archibeque


As of 4/18/19: All schedules are final unless a tournament fails to offer an age group or we change at the request of the team/coach.

April 6-7 Glass City Showtime Classic-Toledo, OH
April 13-14 LBI April Showers-Livonia, MI
April 27-28 The Clash-Cincinnati-NCAA
May 11-12 GBA Findlay
May 17-19 MI Madness-Livonia, MI-NCAA
June 30 LBI MI Jamboree-Diamondale, MI
July 5-8 Run 4 the Roses-Louisville, KY-NCAA
July 9-10 USJN Top 100 – Indianapolis, IN-NCAA
July 17-21 USA Basketball Championships-Westfield, IN
July 23-24 The Finale-Cincinnati, OH -NCAA