Coach Frank Gal and Assistant Coach Amber Gal


 FRANK GAL has been involved with volleyball his entire life. He is a constant student of game, always seeking to learn more about the sport that is his passion in life. This year will be Frank’s third season coaching with Glass City, and has coached volleyball for over 7 years.

He continues to play and strive for excellence both in Beach and Indoor volleyball. Before graduating High School in 2002 he played on Springfield High School’s Varsity team all 4 years, where he was awarded multiple honors. After that he played for the Bowling Green Men’s Club Volleyball team. Since then he has actively played beach doubles and indoor volleyball. During his beach career, he has competed in the MPVA tour (Midwest Professional Volleyball Association), Florida Beach Volleyball Tour (FBVT), US Open of Beach Volleyball, AVPNext, and NVL. He has traveled all across the Midwest as well as Florida and California during this. Recently he started up the Toledo Touch adult club team and power league, which operates at Glass City’s Paragon facility.

While maintaining his skills as a player, Frank has also been coaching since 2005. Originally he coached club for 13s, 14s, and 15s teams, and spent 2 years as the freshman coach at Rossford High School. With Glass City he has coached 16s and 17s teams, as well as private lessons. During those years he experienced multiple successes, with his club teams constantly exceeding expectations, to having multiple freshman getting pulled to the varsity squad each year.

Frank believes that volleyball can be both fun and competitive, and that the best players never stop learning. As such, his philosophy is that coaches, as well as players, should not just be participants, but students of the game, just as he is. He wants to instill pride and passion for the game that will grow beyond a single season.

AMBER GAL started playing volleyball at a young age and has stuck with the game for many years. She believes that learning to love the game starts with the right attitude from not just the player, but parents and coaches as well. This is Amber’s second season as an assistant coach to her husband Frank.

Her competitive career includes playing on local National tier teams during club season, traveling across the US. She was also a multi-year Varsity starter at Swanton High School. She played on the Defiance College Women’s Varsity Volleyball Team as well.

Amber feels that the most important thing with volleyball is to learn how to have fun playing the sport. When you are having fun, and genuinely enjoying it, you will learn and get better even faster.