Coach Danae Wedge


DANAE WEDGE has been married to Chris for 19 years and has 3 children; Colin (15), Camy (12) and Caris (9). Danae is a 5/6 ELA teacher for Hull Praiarie Intermediate in Perrysburg and has been teaching for 15 years.  All these things keep her very busy however she loves the game and it’s ability to teach young ladies lessons about life long after they hang up their jerseys.

Danae started coaching in 2002 as a JV coach at Toledo Christian for 2 seasons.  These were the years where her love of the sport and working with young ladies began to grow.

Danae went to Maumee as the Freshman then JV/Varsity Assisstant from 2006-2010. These were excellant years to develop her understanding of the game and work on strategy for higher level play.

After many great years at Maumee, Danae returned to Toledo Christian as the Varsity Assistant from 2011-2015.  These years were amazing as she got to experience great volleyball players along with getting to experience it all with a very knowledgeable head coach.

Danae enjoyed one season of play at Whiteford Agricultural as the Varsity Assistant, however is stepping away from coaching during the Fall so that she can enjoy her own children and their athletics.

Her philosophy about athletics and volleyball specifically is that it is an excellent opportunity to teach collaboration and team work along with teaching young people how to dig deep enough to find a drive for something that requires a lot of work to accomplish.